About Gyroop.com

aliens love our SEO tools

Gyroop.com grew out of our need for better SEO content optimization tools.

As veteran SEOs and Internet Marketers, we recognized the need for better ways of automating the tedious processes of doing keyword research, finding related and long-term phrases, and struggling to write content that ranked.

The existing services were 'okay' and did some of what we needed, but they were very limited, extremely slow, and we were having to manually go between multiple apps to complete these processes. We'd been through the chore of hiring armies of Virtual Assistants, and even managing these armies was becoming a task in itself.

So we started writing our own scripts to help improve our processes, and guess what - they worked: even better than we had expected.

We knew we were onto something, and started showing our software around and sharing it with some of our closest allies in the IM and SEO communities... they were ecstatic with the demos we showed them and wanted more.

So we built out the Cyrano Content Optimization product into a hosted services that everyone can enjoy, and thus, Gyroop was born.

We recognize that every SEO uses different strategies, but optimized content is a cornerstone of any strategy and Google has consistently rewarded unique, keyword and longtail rich content (not too rich) - the content that Cyrano ensures you get for your primary keywords.

We also recognize that even having an app like Cyrano to guide you through the content writing process, there are still many SEOs and business owners that simply do not have the time to write their own content. For this we offer our Optimized Content Writing services, where our native English speaking copywriters produce articles based on your word count, primary keyword, and topic requirements using the Cyrano app.

The result: perfectly optimized content delivered to you directly so you can immediately upload it to your site.

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