"Cyrano" Content Optimizer

Content Optimizer is a two-in-one app that ensures content written for a money sites and blognets matches the same balance of keywords and relevant terms as current high ranking sites for that keyword. It then provides an intuitive interface that suggests related words and controls the overuse of words to make sure that the proper balance is maintained across the scope of all content on the site or blognet. It allows the user to consign content writing assignments to writers who complete their articles within this interface, and tracks the completion of each assignment as well as payment for these assignments. This product was designed as a complete solution to the need for SEOs to write, manage, delegate, and review Search Engine beating content for use in their money and blognet sites.

Optimized Content Writing Services

Our content writing services are for those who just want to buy perfectly keyword balanced content with just the right amount of pertinent related and long-tail terms blended in to give your site the expertise and authority Google rewards with top rankings. We have a staff of expert native English speaking copywriters who utilize the Cyrano Content Optimization app to craft articles according to your word count, topic, and primary keyword requirements. You get powerful keyword optimized content that ensures relevancy and authority to search engines.

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