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Named after the popular literary figure, "Cyrano-de-Bergerac", who helps one of his soldiers woo his lover by giving him exactly the right words to win her heart, "Cyrano" is a unique Content Optimization Software that ensures that your website content uses the optimal balance of keywords and related terms to maximize your rankings for Google searches. By using advanced tf-idf (term frequency-inverse document frequency) statistical techniques, Cyrano is able to identify the exact keyword related terms used by search engines to evaluate site content, and provides you with a list and frequencies of one, two, and three-word phrases ("n-grams") that you MUST include in your onsite content to achieve maximum search rankings.

Cyrano then provides an intuitive writing interface to ensure your content includes the perfect balance of keywords and related terms: it will even tell you exactly which works you have over used ("too salty") or underused ("too bland") so your content avoids over-optimization penalties while covering a high level of relevant topics (so you rank for more related searches).

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How It Works:

  1. Enter your target keyword
  2. Cyrano guides you as you write your content using TD-IDF methods and algorithms
  3. Win Google's heart with the perfectly balanced variety and density of keywords in your content

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  1. Enter your target keyword
  2. Cyrano analyzes the top Google results for your keyword
  3. Based on advanced td-idf methods and advanced algorithms, Cyrano determines the optimal balance of keywords and related terms to be used in creating content for your target keywords
  4. Enter your expected word count so Cyrano can calculate n-gram frequencies and start writing
  5. Cyrano will lets you know exactly which terms you need to use, and how many times you need to use each term.
  6. Cyrano guides you as you write your content and tells you if you've used a term too many times - you don't want your content to be "too salty"!
  7. You now have perfectly curated content that is optimized for Google's search methods, with a healthy balance of keywords and related terms that will boost your rankings while ranking you for a wide range of topically related searches.
  8. Cut & Paste your content onto your site, and watch your rankings take off!

Special Offer

We are offering a 7 day trial of Cyrano for $1 so you can try it out and see how awesome it is.

You can cancel at any time, and if you want to continue using it, your account will be converted to a 30 day subscription upon completion of your trial phase.

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